Lautan Cahaya Berlian Recruitment & Placement Service Company. The company established with the foundation of caring and honesty which we have created become the motto of the company as a cornerstone in establishing good relationships with clients/partner and workers who had been providing excellent contributions from both parties in the cooperation and service. Founded in September 2013, by Rohmatullah mashur and Sunnatur Rizkiyah and has hired of people in different fields according to the capabilities and expertise.


We gather Hospitality professionals from around the world explore their talents and provide best solutions and services by connecting them with professionals and industry.
What we do?
✔  Recruitment & Placement Service
✔  Report Office
✔  Temporary Work Agent
✔  Internship & Training Placement
✔  Job & Career Development Consulting

What we serve today?
✔  Cruise Ship
✔  River Ship
✔  Super Yacht
✔  Catering Company
✔  Offshore Company
✔  International Hotel
✔  International Restaurant & Fine Dining
✔  International Villa & Resort
✔  Local Hotel & Restaurant


We recruit qualified Staff and Crewmember for Principal, Hotel & Ship Operator, Ship Manager and Owner in the following positions:
Hotel Department:
✔ Galley Personnel
✔  Cooks (all positions)
✔  Pastry & Bakery
✔  Restaurant personnel (all position)
✔  Bar personnel (all position)
✔  Housekeeping & Laundry personnel (all positions)
✔  SPA (all positions)

Deck & Engine Department:
✔  Rating Crew (All Position)
✔  Officer (All Position)


Transocean Cruises
MOL Shipping
Taishan Cruises